How does Kenpo Karate differ from other styles of Karate?

Kenpo Karate features unusually fast hand and foot combinations intended for practical self-defense.

Kenpo Karate students learn to spontaneously “manage” the attackers body and maneuver them into a vulnerable or weak position where their ability to strike or kick is restricted.

Kenpo Karate techniques can be applied with varying degrees of force; the level depends exclusively upon the seriousness of the situation. Some techniques are designed to maim an opponent, while others employ manipulation of joints and nerve centers to simply control an opponent.

What does Kenpo Karate offer a student?

The foundation of Kenpo Karate is its self-defense value. This builds confidence allowing you to control intimidating situations.

Learning and practicing Kenpo Karate is an enjoyable fitness exercise which develops strength, coordination and flexibility. It can be practiced at home or in the studio.

Does Kenpo Karate encourage aggressive behavior?

No. The opposite is true. Kenpo students develop a deep personal respect for their abilities. In class, aggressive energy is channeled into acceptable forms of friendly competition and personal competence.