Karate Classes


The initial payment of $250 (per student) will cover the first quarterly payment, student’s Gi (uniform), and 1-3 Sunday sessions. We like to give the students some one-on-one instruction on Sunday’s before placing them into a regular class.


Regular payments are due each quarter

1st Quarter: January, February and March ($160 per student)

2nd Quarter: April, May and June ($160 per student)

3rd Quarter: July, August and September ($160 per student)

4th Quarter: October, November and December ($160 per student)

Referral Program

It is our observation that students have a better experience and stay with the program longer if they have fellow students to train with and share their experience. We will offer a fifty-dollar reduction on your next payment whenever you refer a new student into the program (this is assuming the new students signs up for at least one quarter). We prefer that our new students come recommended by our current members in the hope of maintaining a friendly and family atmosphere.

For families with multiple children

The $250 initial payment will be required for student 1, 2, and 3.

The $160 regular quarterly payment will be required for student 1 and 2. Student 3 will be $80 (half) regular quarterly payment.